What were the origins and effects of the Peace Accord in Colombia

Background: Much international attention has focused on the rise and fall of Colombia’s powerful drug cartels and
the US-funded and directed “War on Drugs.” Colombia’s recent political history, though, is much more complicated
than the War on Drugs, and includes left-wing guerrillas and right-wing paramilitaries, which were/are significant
political actors with a major impact on Colombian governance, politics, and the quality of its democracy.
Yet, in 2016, after many years of bombings, mass murders, kidnappings, and insurgency, a peace process was
negotiated and put to a national referendum.
Prompt: What were the origins and effects of the Peace Accord in Colombia?
A good answer will address the following subquestions:

  • What was the motivation for the original Peace Accord?
  • Why was it rejected in a national referendum?
  • How was the Peace Accord revived?
  • What has the impact of the Peace Accord been? In particular, has it made Colombia more peaceful?
    Instructions: You should write a 1000 (+/-10%) essay to address the prompt in a clearly structured, convincing, wellcited paper.
    Reexamine the material included and use reputable online sources to understand the background that led to the
    signing of the peace process.
    Think about which groups negotiated the peace process
    Why did the popular vote on the referendum fail to support the peace process? Who campaigned against the peace
    What measures were subsequently taken to revive the peace accords after the referendum? Who took those
    measures, and who opposed them? What was the impact of the peace accords?
    Everything in you reference in your essay that is not common knowledge must be supported by in-text citations
    (author’s name, date: page number).
    Include a complete bibliography of only the works you have cited at the end of each essay (this is not part of the
    essay word count).
    You should paraphrase other authors’ ideas, Do not use direct quotations. Paraphrased idea need to be attributed to
    the original source through in-text citations.
    All essays will go through Turnitin.com

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