The Sad Ending of William Shakespeare’s Descendants


If you are a lover of literature, you might have heard or even studied about William Shakespeare –the English playwright, actor, and poet considered the greatest writer in the world of English Literature. Shakespeare lived between 1564 and 1616 during which he authored 37 books, plays, comedies, and dramas. Some of the most popular and successful books by William Shakespeare are the Hamlet, The Merchant of Venice, Othello, Romeo & Juliet, and Julius Caesar.

But did you know that Shakespeare lineage has one of the saddest ending you could image of? At 18, the renown playwright married a 26-year old Ann Hathaway with whom they had three kids –Susanna (the couple’s eldest child) alongside her sisters, Judith and Hamnet who were twins.  According to this article, Shakespeare’s daughters had four children in total. Unfortunately, all the four died without a single heir, which means that Shakespeare’s children left no descents behind. Thus, his lineage came to an end with the death of the three daughters together with their children in the early 5th century.

This is how Shakespeare’s offspring ended. Shakespeare and Hathaway lost Hamlet on August 1596. The eldest daughter, Susanna, who was married to John Hall in 1607, died on 11th July 1649, approximately a decade before Shakespeare’s death. Her only child, Elizabeth Shakespeare, married twice, but had no child with either of the husbands. Judith bore three sons (Shakespeare Quiney, Thomas, and Richard) for her husband Thomas Quiney. Unfortunately, all the three died in their early ages, leaving no descendant. William Shakespeare’s only traceable “close” relatives are those of his younger sister, Joan Shakespeare, who got married to William Hart in the late 1590s.

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