The focus of this worksheet is further practice of the review skills from Sections R.1-R.7. If you have not already completed those problem sets in MyLab, you may find the content of those sections useful here.

Your regular problem sets in MyLab require only a correct answer to assess your mastery of the skill. However,
proper and complete communication of your mathematical techniques and practices are also important skills.
One of the goals of the worksheet exercises is to compel you to practice those written communication skills.
So, unless otherwise stated, in order to receive full credit, you must not only determine the correct answer,
you must clearly present correct relevant work leading to the correct answer. A correct answer
with insufficient or incorrect work may receive little or no credit. However, partial credit can be earned even
if the correct answer is not found, as long as the information that you have communicated is clear, correct,
and relevant.
You are welcome to discuss these problems with fellow classmates or tutors, but you must complete your
own write-up of the solutions. Identical (or nearly identical) solutions appearing on separate papers may
lose credit and may be considered a violation of the Honor Code. You are also welcome to reference your
textbook and other resources, but please do not simply copy a solution that you may discover.
Once you have completed your solutions, you must convert your document to a PDF and submit to Canvas.
Formats other than PDF and submissions made anywhere other than Canvas will not be accepted for grading.

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