Text transcript of research paper: An elevator pitch is a very short synopsis of your topic, something that could convince an audience during an elevator ride. To create one, need to think about the most important points of argument to get across to audience

Remember that audience has not done the same amount of reading on topic , so you’ll need to make sure your
explanations make sense to a non-expert. Convince the audience of your thesis argument for your final project through an “elevator pitch”. To do this you’ll need to introduce your topic and thesis statement, then articulate the main arguments and evidence in support of it and refute opposing arguments in a way that non-experts can understand. (Your answer to this question should refer to evidence from at least two of your sources. Please cite those sources at the bottom of your discussion post in the text). Then, reflect on the research process in this course – what was the most important thing you learned through the research and writing and how do you plan to apply it in your future coursework and beyond?

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