Teaching activity for strategic management:


Teaching activity for strategic management

2 pages, 6 slides

Take one of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals, and design and present a learning activity which helps
students make the links between that particular Sustainable Development Goal and their/your subject. (e.g. how
does studying Human Resource Management contribute to goal #13 Climate Action, or how does studying
Accounting/HRM/Strategy contribute to goal #1 No Poverty – SELECT ANY OTHER GOAL that relates to teaching
Strategic Management
Requirements: A 10 minute recorded presentation, plus a short written description of the objectives of the activity
and the expected learning outcomes. * you may include this in notes in ppt, or a word document.
For bullet point 2, I would need guidance but NOT the recording itself.. The short written description should be in the
PowerPoint teaching notes.
This is not the typical writing assignment as it includes a teaching activity (like a game). Can you please check
whether you have a top writer who could do such an assignment that includes a teaching activity on MBA level.

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