Strategic Management Research Paper: 1. Choose a topic of interest related to business strategy or strategic management (examples in “Sample Research Topics & Questions”). Note: you cannot do a case study of one organization nor a practical “how-to” report without any theoretical foundation

  1. Within the topic chosen, generate interesting research questions for your study (see
    “Sample Research Topics & Questions”). To do so, it’s best to start out by reading articles
    from leading journals and periodicals in the field (see “Leading Journals”). These readings
    should help you identify the pressing issues that businesses face today, and they may form
    the basis of your research inquiry.
  2. Submit a RESEARCH PROPOSAL (see “Research Proposal”) by Thursday, June 10.
  3. Do the necessary research, gather all readings and data, and keep a complete record of all
    sources used.
  4. Develop an outline of your paper (see “Outline of Paper & Further Instructions”).
  5. Proceed to write the paper following the outline that you have developed. Use your
    research question(s) as the main guide to what to include in the paper. Follow the 80/20
    rule, i.e., at least 80% of the content of your paper must be directly related to your research
  6. All figures and tables must be put at the end of the paper under an APPENDICES section.
    There should be no figures and tables placed inside the text. Each figure or table must have
    a title, a reference at the bottom, be numbered sequentially (e.g. Figure 1, 2, and so on), and
    mentioned inside the text.
  7. References are critical. There must be a minimum of 10 references used in the paper, the
    majority of which must come from peer-reviewed journals (see “Leading Journals”) and
    should not be older than 5 years. References must be cited in-text as well as end-of-text
    and they should exactly match. References should follow the APA style guide.
    For further guidelines, see handout on “Outline of Paper & Further Instructions”.

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