PROJECT 1: JOB MARKET RESEARCH PAPER. OBJECTIVE: The purpose of this project is to demonstrate your understanding of the following course concepts. Examine the different processes, career paths, and technologies in the digital media industry

PROJECT DESCRIPTION The Digital Media and Web Technology (DMWT) major is currently divided in into two different focus areas: Web Design and Digital Design. The Web Design area introduces students to front-end, back-end, and full-stack web design and development. The Digital Design area introduces students to graphic design, electronic publishing, animation, and motion graphics. There are many different companies looking for applicants with experience in the areas taught in the DMWT program. Surprisingly, you will find that each job has different requirements and job responsibilities and many require experience across multiple focus areas. For example, you may find a company looking for a web developer who has experience in graphic design (InDesign, Photoshop, and Illustrator) or a graphic designer with web design experience (HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, and jQuery).  The reality of the real world is that the field of digital media design often cross pollinates, especially in smaller companies. In this assignment, you will choose a specific job role that  and perform research into job opportunities that currently exist for an entry-level position, identifying how your time at UMGC could help you qualify for that position.


Prerequisite Reading: Review the Digital Media and Web Technology focus areas below to ensure you have a good understanding of each one.

Digital Media and Web Technology Program Focus Areas
Are you interested in designing and building Web sites and Web applications?

The Web Design focus area can help you achieve this goal. You will first learn techniques for designing and developing Web-front-ends with an eye towards usability and accessibility. Then, using multimedia scripting and programming, you will learn how you can add additional functionality and database connectivity, skills more associated with back-end web development. You may also decide to learn both front and back end concepts, which is referred to as full-stack web development. 

Are you interested in creating computer graphics, special effects, motion graphics, and publishing electronic media?
The Digital Design focus area is the best option for you. You will first learn techniques of electronic publishing. Then, using industry standard software, you will take your abilities even further as you learn image editing, illustration, special effects, and motion graphics. You will use industry standard software throughout the focus area.

To Do:


1. Select one of the two focus areas covered within the Digital Media and Web Technology major.
2. Using the Internet, find and identify a job role/title that interests you from within your chosen focus area. (Note: If you are having difficulty identifying a job role/title, please let me know so we can work together).
3. Using the Internet, find FIVE (5) job listings that have been posted within the past three months for an entry-level position for the job role/title you selected, gathering the following information:
a. Company/Organization Name
b. Job Title
c. Country/State
d. Educational Requirements
e. Job Requirements
f. Job Responsibilities
g. Contract Type/Status (e.g. Full-Time, 1 year contract, etc.)
h. Salary Range
i. Company/Organization Benefits
j. URL of job listing
k. Date of job listing
4. Using the UMGC Undergraduate Catalog, find TWO (2) courses within the DMWT major and TWO (2) courses outside the DMWT major that could help you gain knowledge towards securing an entry-level position for the job role/title you selected, gathering the following information:
a. Course Name (e.g. CMST 295) [Note: You may not use 295 as one of the courses]
b. Course Title (e.g. Fundamentals of Digital Media)
c. Course Description (e.g. An introduction to an overview of the principles, practices, techniques, and theories that govern the design and development of digital media in Web technology, digital design, and motion graphics. The goal is to effectively follow proven design theory in creating digital media for print, Web, and mobile devices. Topics include usability, accessibility, ethics, and emerging technologies. Career paths in the digital media industry are analyzed.)
d. Course Benefits — In a minimum of FIFTY (50) words, identify how the completion of this course will help you secure an entry-level position for the job role/title you selected. Be specific in your description, integrating what you learned from searching for entry-level positions.

Results Presentation

Prepare a Word document the meets the following requirements:

1. Create a cover page with your name, the course/section, the DMWT focus area you selected, the job title/role you selected, and date of submission.
2. The body of the paper should include the following:
a. A table with headers equivalent to the information gathered in item #3 of the Research section above

b. Your paper must be submitted as a Word document, and must be named as: YourLastName_JobMarket.doc (or YourLastName_JobMarket.docx for Office 2020) b. A table with headers equivalent to the information gathered in item #4 of the Research section above
c. Answers to the following questions, labeling each question, followed by your response:
 i. Of the positions you identified, which is the best position to apply for and why? (Minimum of 100 words) 
 ii. What did you learn from this assignment? (Minimum of 100 words)
3. Create a References page, in APA format, citing all of the references you used in creation of the research paper.
4. The font used for the paper must be 12pt Times New Roman, double spaced.
5. The paper should concisely address your research-backed opinion with as much relevant detail as possible (i.e. no fluff).

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