Print Resources Vs Electronic Resources

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Title:Print resources vs electronic resources
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When the first time humanity tried to write down the words that they were using, they have written some symbols that are simple images of meaning of words, such as a bird or eye. This was the first time that information had shared by writing not by speaking. At that time, people had drawn these symbols on stones and walls to share the knowledge with the next generations after them. Then, people had used leather pieces from animals to pass their experiences to the younger ones. First, paper was found at the beginning of the A.D., after that, people had found the process of printing in the last couple of centuries. Since the 1990s, thanks to scientists, people started to use electronic devices to write, draw and text what they need to note and share. As these events show us, technology has been improved everyday by people and old technologies had been replaced with new ones and they will be. There are no alternative ways; innovative ideas that can come alive are always get the positon of the old ideas as a cycle. As technology is improved, technology regenerate itself. Furthermore, acceleration of growing of technology is getting higher day by day. Print resources must be replaced with electronic resources, because print resources are no longer necessary to study in college because of three main reasons which are accessibility of the resource, economic of the resource and technology of the resources.

            As the introduction paragraph mentioned about transportation of information including paper that refer to print resources and devices that refer to electronic resources for today, we can widen what are these terms. Paper was found at B.C. in China. They had used cannabis for process of producing paper. Although cannabis which has significant amount of cellulose is an efficient material, paper had been made from wood because of banishment of cannabis production in 1930s, in the United States. At that times, people were using typewriters to write articles which they want to write down. In the middle of 1940s American scientists have invented the first computer to calculate the mortars’ shooting path in 15 seconds which can be calculated in 20 hours by human. Recently, people use computers for simply everything that one can do, such as calculating mathematic problems, drawing structural or artistic designs, playing video games, typing an essay and researching the resources online as I am doing right now, thanks to internet which was found in 1990s. Today, most people on Earth have at least one device that can connect to internet. Also, every university which is a home for researches and studies has at least one or two libraries that can provide opportunity to access the digital databases to research and networks to share their knowledge to students and professors who do not have any devices that can connect them to the internet.

One of the most important subtopic about this general idea that print resources must be replaced with electronic resources is that print resources are hard to access rather than electronic resources. Previous paragraphs show that electronic devices have taken the place of the paper in the last couple of decades, as paper had done the same thing to the leather once. Paper was the most common and fast way to transport the knowledge until the internet was invented. Sometimes horse-riders took the letter to the distance, sometimes messenger pigeons. However, today people can send massages to anywhere on the world in just a few seconds. This is the power of the technology and its bringing which are found and developed by human.

First point to mention about how electronic resources are more accessible rather than print resources is that internet based resources are easy to access rather than paper based resources.

Second subject about accessibility of resources is comprising the action that are writing and typing. It can seem writing is easy; however, writing is a work that takes too much time rather than typing on a device takes, because writing is required a pen or pencil, paper, ruler etc. Pencil was invented in the late 1800s in Europe. Writing on a paper is needed so many formalities, such as calculating the distances between the gaps. Fortunately, technology provides people not to bother with all these formalities. Anybody who has a smart device can type on it without these formalities, because the programs which the device already have can calculate every tiny detail. Also, electronic devices, printers, are providing to print or multiply the print resources that are still used, such as books and newspapers.

Can you imagine the accessibility of the electronic resources?

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