Police brutality and murders against black in the UK

This is a systematic review dissertation.
The topic is research into police brutality and murder against black in the U.K.
3/4 themes.
Mention: police procedures, history of policing and what constitutes as brutality
Police brutality cases from early 90s to present.
Mention institutionalised racism and Stephen Lawerence. Refer to Macpherosn Report
Mention Brixton riots 90s
Include how black people have been excluded from society in a legal sense
Social science perspectives

  1. Are the police institutionally racist (uk, England).
  2. Social consequences of black people being brutalised
  3. Why are black people (black skin) criminalised
    Perception of black people and the dangers of negative stereotypes
    Stop and search use against black people
    Excessive force against black people
    How was joint enterprise law targeted at black people
    Mark Duggan
    Cherry Groce
    Other cases regarding police brutality and murder in the UK (the guardian)
    Mention the lack of coverage around black women who are murdered or brutalised by police.
    How does colourblindness (not seeing colour) affect black people.
    Everything has to be critically analysed.
    Compare the police brutality and murders of black people to US, and France

Additional instructions: 2021-06-15T011325.340

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