Please I need a support from your professional financial specialists to get financial plan section of my business plan that I’m going to establish in UK s new start-up for Turbomachinery mechanical services. So, please see attached business plan briefing for you information and kindly I just need 2 pages long for financial plan with more graphs with less writing to cover the following points:

  1. Important Assumptions:
    Unstable market for such turbomachinery services due to unavailable capable resources because of BREXIT and
    Covid-19 pandemic (please write in slightly more detail).
  2. Key Financial Indicators:
    If any benchmark for UK Mechanical service companies available, please show as financial indicator
  3. Break-Even Analysis: if you can please highlight an assumption table such as follows with the graph:
    • Average per unit revenue –$55
    • Average per unit variable cost — $25
    • Estimated monthly fixed cost — $2250
    • Break-even in Units – 75
    • Break even in Dollar $4,125
  4. Projected Profit and Loss: our offered service will be mainly as manpower supplying with average rate 55$/hr and
    our vision so please provide your vision for Profit and loss with the tables showing:
    Pro Forma Profit and Loss:
  • Sales
  • Expenses
  • Total operating expenses
  • Net Profit
  1. Projected Cash Flow: please provide brief professional one..
  2. Projected Balance Sheet: please provide brief professional one..
  3. Business Ratios: please provide brief professional one..
    Again please provide max 2 pages for the financial plan .

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