MULTICULTURAL LESSON PLAN(S) ASSIGNMENT: Using the lesson plan format provided, you will write two (2) multicultural lesson plans for your hypothetical class


  • First, consider a hypothetical class of 25 students (relatively equal males and females), which includes students who:
    • Represent various abilities (At least one with physical challenges and at least one with learning challenges)
    • Are English Language Learners
    • Have a religious affiliation other than Christian
    • Are a recent immigrant to the United States
    • Are from low socioeconomic status family
    • Have parents who are gay
    • Come from a single-parent household
    • Are raised by grandparents, in foster care, have an incarcerated parent, or in some living arrangement other than a two-parent heterosexual household
    • Have at least one parent in the military
    • Are African American, Asian American, Anglo European, Hispanic American, Latino, or Native American


  • You will create one lesson plan designed for any grade K-2 (Multicultural Lesson Plan #1) and one lesson plan designed for any grade grades 3-6 (Multicultural Lesson Plan #2).
  • One of the lesson plans must represent an integrated content lesson (e.g., social studies and literacy, math and science). Also, consider the integration of art and/or music in your plan.
  • One of the lesson plans must focus specifically on a multicultural topic.
  • Please use the Lesson Plan EDCI 716 template (provided in Canvas) for each of your lesson plans.
  • Please upload each lesson plan to the appropriate Assignment in Canvas.

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