Living in Italy: Your response should be a maximum of two (2) double-spaced pages. You may choose any person you have known personally or any place that was important in your life as your topic.

English Essay on Living in Italy

You must demonstrate mastery of the following in your paragraph. Therefore, the depth (length) of your paragraph
must be sufficient to demonstrate these concepts.
a. Topic Sentence – Be sure this is a general statement that states the person, place, or thing you will describe.
Highlight this sentence in aqua blue. (10 points)
b. Body Sentences – Be sure to select ideas and write sentences that appeal to the senses (sight, sound, smell,
taste, and/or touch) and that are definitely related to the topic sentence. The quality and relationship of these
sentences will be evaluated. (10 points)
c. Coherence: Be sure that you organize your paragraph in the best way possible. A coherent paragraph is clear,
logical, and readable.
(1) Order: Select the best order for your paragraph (time, space, or importance). Select transitions for your
paragraph that demonstrate your understanding of the order. At a minimum, you must use three (3) transitions to
demonstrate your understanding of this concept. Highlight these transitions in yellow. (15 points)
(2) Related Sentences: Be sure to repeat words and ideas; use synonyms and substitutions to demonstrate your
understanding of this concept. Highlight these related words or sentence parts in gray. (15 points)
d. Sentence Structure: In your paragraph, demonstrate your understanding of the following sentence structures. You
must demonstrate at least one (1) of EACH of the following structures. Highlight these in green. (5 points each, for a
possible total of 20 points)
(1) Coordinating conjunction
(2) Semicolon
(3) Conjunctive adverb
(4) Subordinate clause followed by an independent clause
e. Concluding Sentence: Be sure to complete your paragraph with a well-written concluding sentence. (15 points)
f. Mechanics and Grammar – Be sure that you complete the final step of the writing process: proofreading. Your
paragraph should be free from sentence construction errors and should be spell-checked. (15 points)

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