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The gender role of media

Media has a significant contribution to the creation of social norms because different forms of media such as television and books are present nearly everywhere. To analyze gender role of media, an electronic article with Friends as its specific content is the type of Media outlet of my choice.

Through this media outlet, we learn that press perpetuates gender role mostly. For instance, the article displays other peoples’ views negatively (Dietz, 1998). Some Articles show women in negative ways. Like most forms of media, they show female in homes, performing domestic chores. At times, this media displays women as sex objects whose purpose is to serve men.

Articles also stereotype male. Many articles associate men with competition, aggression and violence. Although male has considerably more political and economic power in society compared to women, these trends have damaging impacts on boys.

The benefit of learning the concept of gender role of media from electronic articles is it awakens the awareness of what the media is presenting. For example, the audience will realize that the image and representation of men and women according to many electronic articles is deceptive. With that information, audience, therefore, can ensure they are not active participants in a culture of oppression.

At the same time, learning the concept through reading can turn destructive. The audience may adopt the negative opinion about a particular gender, thinking the perceived idea of the author is real.

In summary, although the media does not represent either gender void of stereotypes, society reforms is responsible for changes in media. 


Dietz, T. L. (1998). An examination of violence and gender role portrayals in video games: Implications for gender socialization and aggressive behavior. Sex roles, 38(5-6), 425-442.

Gauntlett, D. (2008). Media, gender and identity: An introduction. Routledge.

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