How habitat for humanity is building houses differently in Tuscaloosa Alabama after the tornado of April 27th 2011

THIS IS A NEWS STORY- it needs to be written in 3rd person and DON’T quote any other outlet except the quote
below. Write about how the houses are being built and what habitat for humanity is doing for the city of Tuscaloosa,
AL 10 years after the tornado.
Integrate this quote into the article:
Jones said “When you buy a house, you expect that house to withstand nearly anything, thats the goal we are trying
to accomplish here in Tuscaloosa. “
(Jones is a habitat for humanity volunteer)
Here is a link to a news story covering the topic:
• Headline with a noun and verb and that draws readers into the
• Strong lead (most important information in first paragraph)
• Needs to have Who, What, When, Where, How
• Clarity of meaning

  • Multiple paragraphs
    • Free of grammatical and spelling mistakes
    • Compliance with AP style

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