How did Enron make their money, hide their finances, fail, and get caught?

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According to Boston Consulting Group, 2016 will see Robots, cloud computing and video playing a vital role in deal making. The adoption of robotics technology will accelerate the manufacturing speeds. Tasks performed by robots will rise globally with higher improvements in the cost and performance of robotics systems.

With robot designers focusing on the acquisition of robots in factories and warehouses,  many industries such as Teradyne Incorporation and Incorporation are adopting the cost and capabilities of advanced robots. These robots are designed for abilities like working together with the human on the manufacturing floors, language perception, machine learning aircraft and drones.

According to Allison Collins’ report, the decline in sales volume has of late landed individual companies into bankruptcy leading to the closure of some of their stores.  For instance, the American Apparel Incorporation, which recently filed a bankruptcy petition,  seeking to execute a debt-equity swap to give current lenders control over the made-in-America brand. The company may need to restructure to gain liquidity necessary to execute its transformation strategy to remedy the situation.

Nevertheless, growing the middle market continues with companies like Regions Financial Corporation acquiring middle-market investment bank BlackArch Partners. According to John Turner, head of Regions Corporate Banking Group, such acquisition allows the company to build scale and capabilities while expanding service pace to meet more client needs and also diversifying and increasing non-interest rate revenue.

At the same time, several mergers are up-coming in the American skincare industry. The focus of the dealmakers is to expand productivity and supplement growth. An example is the Beauty powerhouse Estée Lauder deals with Korean skincare business Have & Be Company. Unilever which deals in skincare and food brands has also partly acquired Murad ‘s (a Los Angeles-based specialty skincare line founded by a dermatologist)  skincare line. According to the MidOcean principal, Jonathan Marlow, a company attracts merger due to its tremendous track record growth across channels and geographies with both existing and new products.

According to Mary Kathleen Flynn, cloud computing is the most important in creating opportunities for long-term advancements that make information technology cheap and easy to distribute. In, this technology,  many companies make investments and win mergers and acquisition deals. An example is Toma Bravo, which in 2014, teamed up with Silver Lake Partners to purchase Solar-Winds Incorporation in a take-private deal.

In Allison Collin’s view, on Finance finesse, financial businesses that handle money for clients are currently primary targets for the merger. When asset managers are buying other asset managers, the size helps bump of importance when handling compliance and regulatory pressure. Private equity firms and other companies make acquisitions deals in this sector due to its growth potential.

Most business owners resort to acquisition deals as they believe that success is most likely through combining independent voice and diversifying ideas. Furthermore, some stakeholders merge with the aim of helping clients achieve growth and liquidity objectives.

For the purpose of growth, companies need to do more. Many investors look to take advantage of the opportunities in the technology sector. Whereas private equity firms continually look for substantial investment opportunities, technology companies, especially those in the software industry become more attractive as they are considered highly defensible.

In conclusion, a company expansion during 2016 will be dependent on how efficient and flexible it is in the use of technology. Merging enterprises that apply e-commerce purchases, Robots, cloud computing and video playing will have wider chances of growth.

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