Here are seven reasons you should consider investing in Eucalyptus Grandis

A few days ago, I did an article describing this beautiful plant called Eucalyptus Grandis. As I noted in that previous article, the most important aspect of this plant for an aspiring, upcoming or established commercial tree grower should be more on its financial benefits rather than ecological aspects. In the present article, I will extend on my description a little by showing you some notable reasons you should consider investing in Eucalyptus Grandis.

Why am I sharing this?

First off, I would like to let you know that at the time am writing this particular article, my nursery is done and the seedlings have started coming out to be planted on an eight-acre piece of land located in Homa-Bay County, Kenya. But, I cannot forget to mention that this is my fourth year of being jobless after graduating from the university. Therefore, as you may guess, my commercial eucalyptus growing project specifically seeks to not only create a job for me and others, but also to secure my family’s future financial needs. So, I am not writing theory, but something am actually doing. In fact, as a last point on the same, if you are a young person reading this blog post –whether jobless or not –and have some piece of land lying fallow somewhere, I would highly encourage you to think about planting eucalyptus because this plant is no joke –at least in my country Kenya –when it comes to its financial value. Anyway, why invest in Eucalyptus Grandis? Below is a list of seven reasons you should consider investing in E. grandis. Short-term and long-term financial stability:

Low capital requirement and no daily management

Investing in eucalyptus requires relative low capital compared to real estate investment. Assuming you already have the land, your expenditure will cover seeds or seedlings, labor (such as nursery operations), transportation, planting, paste and disease controlling, and fencing (if necessary). The good part is that most of these expenses will only exist between the time you acquire, saw, and plant the seeds. Once they on are your farm, the seedlings don’t need any tiresome or costly maintenance. Just make sure you plant during the onset of the rainy season and weed the seedlings once or twice then wait for your piece of land to transform into a multimillion-worth asset as you watch.

Timber is on high demand

Have you ever wondered you had to pay too much for your wooden furniture? What about your roofing? How much did you pay for your timber? All timber products such as firewood, furniture, and poles (both for fencing and electricity transmission) have become extremely expensive and one reason is obvious; timber producers are making a kill. The average cost of a healthy 10-year old eucalyptus tree is approximately $100 (KSH. 10,000) according to timber producers in Kenya. About a decade ago, the cost was $50, which means it has double in just 10 years. A study by the Kenya Forest Reserve found that the local demand for timber in Kenya is too high that over $7 million worth of the product has to be imported from Tanzania annually! This demand is driven by the rising real estate investment in which timber is a vital component. In addition to this, eucalyptus poles are used in power and signal transmission and as Kenya becomes more industrialized, consumers must prepare to pay more for timber products. As a commercial eucalyptus farmer, that should be good news because companies will be on the look-out for you!

It’s a lucrative business

Do I need to repeat that? Yes. It’s simple; as I have already pointed out, eucalyptus farming is a very lucrative business, but an investment that remains unknown to or ignored by many people. A eucalyptus farmer told me that an acre of land can yield a mind-blowing $300,000 (that’s about KSH. 30 million) in just 10 years. That statement is believable assuming you have just 2500 trees (spacing: 2.5 x 2.5 meters) on your one acre. E. Grandis, the most profitable species of Eucalyptus, grows and matures very fast. My finding is that in seven years, you can sell a single plant for $30 (KSH. 3,000). It means you only need 5,000 mature plants to make 15 million in seven years. That’s crazy right?  To understand how profitable commercial trees are, you can watch former Limuru member of parliament, George Nyanja talk about it in this video.

You contribute positively toward the environment

That’s an obvious point, right? Tree planting is one of the most effective ways you can contribute toward positive climate change. As a responsible human, you should strive to leave the world a better place than you found it. Commercial eucalyptus trees are not just your financial vehicles, but also your way of improving and protecting the environment through aggressive afforestation. If you are in Kenya, you will be contributing toward the achieving and meeting of 10% tree cover by 2022 according Vision 2030.

You become a producer

Recently, I listened to Dr. Myles Muroe’s 10 Keys to Personal Success. One thing stood out for me: to become truly financially successful, you must be a producer of something that people demand. You can listen to this powerful talk here. Without going into much details, just know that owning a eucalyptus farm can transform you into a timber producer in no time. You will be a producer of a vital product for carpenters, electricity companies like Kenya Power & Lighting Company, broadband providers that need utility poles for signal transmission, and so many more. Most importantly, you can easily open your own hardware where you can sell timber, round poles, and wood fuel. Once your timber mature, you can even start a furniture shop and hire carpenters to make furniture that you can sell for huge gains.

Eucalyptus growing is supported by the government and environmental agencies:

For our Kenyan readers, you already know that the growing of Eucalyptus is highly encouraged by the government and environmental agencies like the Kenya Forest Service. If this is news to you, I recommend you read this article. In fact, KFS specifically encourage land-owners to grow eucalyptus in large scale for various reasons. First, the tree has the ability to grow at super-speed to provide massive environmental benefits. Of cause, there are those who believe eucalyptus species damage the environment and KFS particular published an article in response to this misconception. You can read the article here. The truth is that eucalyptus has some negative impacts, but the positive effects much outweigh the negative side. So, you should not be discouraged; go ahead and transform your environment with your eucalyptus project.


Every situation is an opportunity for change and if you can’t notice it, others will and you will be left behind. Naturally, if you leave your mind uncultivated, uneducated, untrained, it will become so full with the diseases of laziness, procrastination, and excuses that you won’t realize how much blessed you are right now. For those of you, young people who own large pieces of land, you are already millionaires except that you don’t realize it. It is my sincere appeal to you to consider what you can do with that idle asset because in it, millions of dollars are lying waiting to be unveiled! I urge you to begin your eucalyptus project now! Why not transform your idle piece of land into a multi-million-worth property with E. Grandis and subsequently secure your financial stability in just seven years? Yes, that’s possible.

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