Empirical Research: This is the final assignment of the research methods course. Topic is how disfluency effect has effect on memory, recall, ease of learning, performance prediction. groups are: 1controll, 2 font manipulation 3 font generation. Latter two groups having a disfluent text.

Subject: Psychology

The task is to come up with a hypothesis, do background reading and writing (about 15 sources) then conduct the analysis by setting a research method and using SPSS. then show and write up the result and discussion of the findings. 5000 words, abstract 200, introduction 2000, method 400 words, results 400 wrods, discussion 2000 words (of course these are guidelines). It needs to be done in APA style.It is difficult to say how many slides are needed, it really depends on the study and the results of the SPSS.

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