Create information sharing system to share procedures globally. Alternative 2 Train every employee to use the same practice Alternative 3 Provide each location with the same POS system

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I need a page that includes a little bit of alternative #2,3 and a page Course of action + conclusion.
Main issue is Alternative #1 but I have that one ready.
Alternative 1
Create information sharing system to share procedures globally.
Alternative 2
Train every employee to use the same practice
Alternative 3
Provide each location with the same POS system


Implementing an Enterprise Resource Planning

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Alternative 2: Training every employee to use the practice of sharing procedures globally

Implementing an Enterprise Resource Planning is an effective strategy to reduce operation cost. Successful training and implementation of ERP requires that every employee has to know the measurable and specific objectives they will be able to achieve with the software. ERP software blends the practical systems in an enterprise for the management of primary commercial functions.

Each group of employees will need knowledge for specific areas of use. It is vital that the extensive details of the ERP program features be taught only to those groups that will use it. For example, employees at the financial department need to learn to use the software to keep accounting records. A training select group composting the ERP project team can undertake the task of coaching others to encourage collaboration and effectiveness in information exchange.

Team members exist globally, so online training is a good alternative to reduce costs and save time.  Ones the ERP installation is complete and the employees start using it; a few stumps are likely. It is important to have feedback sessions to discover challenges followed by prioritizing the problem areas so that urgent issues can be handled first (Esteve & Pastor, 2001).

Alternative2: Providing each location with the same Point of Sale system

With the global nature of Vodafone company, it is important to operate its network by a POS system. This is beneficial for instance to controlling inventory right at the cashier register as well as recording all sales the moment they happen. Reports POS information software provides such as transaction reports and inventory added to those from ERP are crucial for better decision making. Providing a POS system at each location ensures that every site integrates POS with other systems such as ERP software. A reduction in operating costs and elimination of losses from human mistakes like errors due to inaccuracy are other advantages. It will also be possible to carry out retail transactions from anywhere without efforts (Al-Mashari, 2002).

Course of action

Whenever there is an introduction of new technology in an organization, challenges usually arise which managers need to solve. In this regard, the management team should, therefore, take the responsibility to bringing technical ERP and POS innovations into daily use. A systematic and incorporation of new systems into an enterprise begins with team leaders. Therefore, managers should get equipped with skills and experience to take the lead in developing the new technologies. Another step is to develop an iterative guide to aid decision-making and collecting the necessary information for and from all employee groups affected by the innovation.

 Also, managers are to pay particular attention to those program parts that requires further clarification rather than assuming a one-time training is enough for employees. It is worth including all the employees in decision making to get their effectiveness and excitement about the new practice. Similarly, employees are to freely discuss with managers what they found rewarding or frustrating about the new protocols.


The application of ERP and POS software is a useful step to Vodafone given its global nature. Proper implementation of the two technologies will see the company continue increasing its profit margin. However, new technologies call for new skills. A training program to equip the workforce with expertise for the innovation that aims at global information sharing is an essential role. The training, however, must observe care to avoid depleting the moral and productivity of employees. Lastly, the company management has the sole function to foreseeing the success of the enterprise in using the new technologies. Managers should lead others in turning the industrial technologies into regular use through a commitment to embracing change.


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