Case Study of Quiznos Management (management structure, Management Effectiveness, Finance (recent finance history, current financial status, future financial projection), Social Responsibility (How the company’s operations affect the environment)

Case Study of Quiznos Sandwich



Case Study of Quiznos Sandwich

Company overview

Quiznos Sandwich is a fast-food company that started as a single restaurant. The firm began in 1981 with its headquarters based in Denver, Colorado. The company was founded by Jimmy Lambatos who was an experienced chef who had worked with many corporations. The company is dedicated in toasted submarine sandwiches that are sold to customers across North America. The company has almost 5,000 outlets with the majority being based in the United States of America. Quiznos has been aggressive on their expansionist policy since they have opened stores everywhere in the United States and other countries. The Subway has been the leading company that offers submarine franchise since 2001. The Quiznos and Subway have been tied in a competition to gain the larger part of the market (Khan, 2014). Quality is the key element of making customers loyal to Quiznos Sandwich Company. Indeed, they have competed for the same market. They have also shared the same goal of luring clients to their businesses.  It has been regarded as one of the fastest expanding restaurant chains specialized in fast foods. Quiznos is commonly known for the sandwich category in the market. The Entrepreneur Magazine has ranked number two as the best upscale sandwich category. Moreover, Quiznos has stood in the Quick Service Restaurant (QSR) as accompany of its kind. It has offered the franchisees an opportunity to big hamburger chains such as McDonalds. Quiznos Sandwich offers an off-beat and original image to the clients through national advertisement campaigns. Each outlet of the Quiznos is operated by the store manager and local franchise owners who are recruited by the proprietor of the company. This differs with other QSR that is managed and administered by both the franchising corporations and franchisees (Khan, 2014). On the other hand, Quiznos has stood out of the type of franchise that they target to recruit. Other QSRs recommend that applicants must have years of familiarity with the practice, but Quiznos regards potential franchise owners who have little or no experience in the management of small businesses.

Business and learning environment

To address the problem of inexperience, Quiznos Sandwich has focused on offering comprehensive and rigorous training that is geared to preparing and certifying the store managers and owners.  The store manager and the owners are expected to ensure that restaurants operate safely and at the same time make profits. Quiznos have a concept of building leadership that is essential at the store level. Indeed, this administration should create fruitful franchises that ensure that the corporation expands to other areas of the economy. Quiznos ensure that there is frequent communication with the manager to learn that making sandwiches requires time and proper training through the programs offered by the University of Quiznos. Individuals are expected to learn about making sandwiches through constant learning based on the programs provided by the organization. The Quiznos Sandwich has a motto that states that “Quiznos University- Learning Never Tasted So Good.” The QSR has experienced the challenge of maintaining restaurant worker turnover (Khan, 2014). Quiznos have managed to give the franchise owners the best skills that help them to train the team members. The firm has considered franchise owners as having the responsibility of training their team members. The franchise managers are expected to cultivate the knowledge and skills acquired from Quiznos University.

Quiznos University

Ultimately, Quiznos University has programs that are directed to train store managers and franchise managers. The firm hires candidates that possess the knowledge and skills that are essential for their jobs. Quiznos University has a responsibility of training store managers and franchise owners on the concepts of business that are critical to the management of quick service restaurant. It has been projected that every Quiznos Sandwich premise in North America must be certified from Quiznos University. For instance, the franchise owner is expected to undergo a comprehensive training for almost nine months. During the period the franchise owner and store managers are expected to experience the Quiznos University curriculum (Khan, 2014). To earn a certificate from the university, one is supposed to complete the blended curriculum that comprises of three programs. The content of the programs covers the essential aspects of operating a Quiznos Sandwich store that is expected to make profits while satisfying the customers. The broad areas of the programs include operations, financials, marketing, food safety, and sanitation, hiring, ordering and scheduling workers. One can progress from one level to the other through certification that is earned through a series of exams.

The blended curriculum that is offered by Quiznos University is expected to stimulate the concept of spiral learning. The content seeks to introduce initial concepts and build on those gained over time. Once the candidate has attained the required knowledge, he/she advances to courses that are complex. The blended curriculum adds the levels of complexity that enables franchise owners and store managers progress to other levels. The institution is determinedby offering skills and knowledge that introduces and reinforces learners to what to what is already known. The situation creates an avenue that strengthens the relationship between existing information and existing knowledge (Khan, 2014). Moreover, the students can achieve an extensive understanding of the subject of managing and preparing favorite sandwiches in North America and globally. The Quiznos have revamped their training through online learning to enable franchise owners and store managers to learn more about the sandwiches and the operation of the stores. Moreover, the program is intended to equip learners with the skills of preparing food, serving clients, collect cash and ring up orders, clean, conduct inventory and order products. More importantly, the store owners must be in a position to understand the basics of running and organizing the store.

Previously, Quiznos shipped Training in a Box (TIB) to help the store managers and franchise owners learn crucial information of the each sub. TIB contained relevant manuals that indicated the ingredients that could be used in the preparation of each sub. They were intended to helping key players to memorize the information that is crucial to the making of sandwiches and the management of the stores. In contrast, the executive team of Quiznos in 2004 came to a conclusion that TIB is broken. The conceptualization of TIB proved difficult to the learners both the motivated and bright (Khan, 2014). Over the course of years, the materials of TIB were converted to e-learning to enable franchise owners and store managers to learn the course at their pace. This allowed the franchise owners to locate a site, negotiate with the landlords, building the store and installing the required equipment. Despite the overall content entailed in the curriculum, Quiznos Sandwich University has sought to make the learners understand the concept of managing small businesses that require doing numerous tasks together.

With certainty, learning how to cook sandwiches can prove difficult. The menu of Quiznos sandwiches entails between 29 and 32 subs that have particular combination of ingredients. The subs require a specific way of putting the ingredients together to make a build. The subs come in three distinct sizes that require different amounts of ingredients that can translate to 100 and more builds. To help store managers and franchise owners understand the essential elements of the business, Quiznos institution has developed a simulation game called Sub Commander that aims at building sandwiches. The game helps players to progress through the aggregate level of difficult. Sub Commander has incorporated the concept of spiral learning thus making the challenge more complicated as one advances through the levels. The learners can play over and over to achieve the best results in the making of sandwiches that are originally Quiznos (Khan, 2014). Regional store training is a crucial element that is provided by Quiznos firm. The learners are expected to pass an exam that tests their accuracy and speed on making subs. This ensures on how one can become busy and at the same time become profitable. The restaurant owners and store are expected to undergo classroom instruction that introduces to essential basics before opening their sandwich premises. The program covers the fundamental concepts of business management. The learners can gain knowledge about advertising, promotion, record keeping, leadership, financial and accounting management, vendor relationships, risk management and insurance.

Employment Opportunities offered at Quiznos Sandwich

Over the years, Quiznos has provided a potential avenue that can offer employment in the international sandwich chain. Quiznos has utilized the aggressive franchising efforts that were employed in the in the 1990s to operate restaurants in the United States. Quiznos have proved to offer abundant jobs, especially as team members. On the other hand, workers that are motivated to the tasks of Quiznos sandwich can find managerial roles. Each Quiznos outlet offers employment opportunities that can be utilized by competitive employees to benefit from the packages offered. The business associates of Quiznos Sandwich help the business associates through their essential communication skills that are exploited throughout customer interaction. Those offered opportunities at Quiznos premises are required to work under tight schedules that require food preparation techniques. The skills are beneficial to people who may be interested in careers that require culinary arts. Averagely, the workers of Quiznos are expected to fill different roles stipulated at each location. The associates have the responsibility of sanitizing and cleaning the restaurants to comply with corporate and government health and safety requirements (Khan, 2014). The employees of Quiznos sandwich businesses range from management to customer oriented roles. Moreover, food preparation remains an integral aspect of the functions of the Quiznos. They are expected to prepare the actual sandwich and another menu that are required by the consumers during their operations. Therefore, the employees of Quiznos should exhibit diligence to their duties, pay attention to the sandwich details, professional behavior, courteous and ideals of the company.

Potential associates that want to work with Quiznos must meet the minimum age of 16 years to be hired with the sub sandwich chains throughout North America and other countries with Quiznos outlets.  The associates are expected to work personal enjoyment of fast-paced and open schedule tasks. On the other hand, employees should exhibit their capacity to adapt to the changes that the company is likely to experience. The Quiznos fast food offers some jobs that include restaurant crew member, delivery driver, and management. Restaurant team member has the responsibilities of operating cash registers, welcoming customers through greetings and cooking food. Quiznos offers these jobs on the full-time and part-time basis. The typical wage of the crew members begins at minimum wage as stipulated by the federal government of the United States (Khan, 2014). The workers must be able to operate kitchen machines and equipment, lift objects both dark and light and more importantly interact with customers and their coworkers in the industry. They should also display the skills of professionalism while relating with the clients and their workmates.

Delivery drivers are critical to the operations of the Quiznos as team members. They take the responsibility of delivery orders that have been made by the customers that are not at the site of the business. Quiznos sandwich stores that offer delivery services to the consumers hire drivers that deliver and process drinks and food. The applicants for this job must be above 18 years and possess the ability to transport reliably. They must also demonstrate that they have time management skills and be familiar with their areas of operation. These skills are both beneficial to the business and the clients who want their orders delivered promptly. On the other hand, those who want jobs under management must display the required skills that have been acquired in the fast food industry. Leadership skills are critical since they are expected to make individual decisions that will serve the interests of the team members. Administrative skills and ability to delegate duties are essential for the management. Moreover, the managers are expected to make reports and compile the store sales and focus on increasing the profits of the company (Khan, 2014). Quiznos sandwich stores have continued to expand and have realized the need to hire staff that will help the industry advance and enjoy longevity in the market. Quiznos firm is committed to serving their clients, and thus, they need team members who can work efficiently and quickly at all times.

Values of Quiznos Sandwich Company

Quiznos is an organization that is committed to offering quality to the customers within their areas of operation. The sub sandwich out has imposed strict ethical sourcing practices when making purchases for their supplies. Indeed, the management of the company has taken into consideration codes of conduct that are essential to operations of the corporate. For instance, businesses that want to do franchise business must meet the supplier code of conduct for the firm to be successful. The ethics include fair practices, sanitary warehouse conditions, safe handling of foods and methods of harvesting that are ethical. Based on this, Quiznos provides an environment that allows their workers to enjoy a fun and conducive environment for work.

Quiznos has managed to excel well despite the rise in unemployment following the economic recess. They have satisfied the appetites of their clients by developing menus that capitalize on the health awareness following the risks associated with high levels of fat diet. The firm has managed to develop products that are priced according to the revenues of the consumers. This has positively impacted on the growth of income of Quiznos Sandwich businesses. Despite the deeper effects of the recession, consumers have realized the need to create prices that are friendly at all times. Quiznos recognized the need to incorporate health concerns of their menus since consumers had become conscious of their health. This has become a cornerstone of the marketing strategy of Quiznos Sandwich Company (Khan, 2014). They have responded by targeting clients by renewing the interest of their products to be availed in the market. Quiznos has capitalized on the health concerns of the customers and weight issues. Other companies have followed suit by focusing on the benefits of sandwiches in a manner that attracts clients and at the same communicating to them that the firm values their health concerns.

Quiznos has sought to expand to expand new territories as a way of generating more revenue and profit by offering their products. The organization is targeting new areas such as breakfast and café menus. Quiznos and other franchises such as Subway are increasingly targeting locations such as amusement parks, airports, malls and other places that people visit frequently. The company expects to improve their profitability in the coming years and consumers have resorted to eating sandwiches since they are readily available and safe time. The trend is projected to thrive as the economy recovers and consumer purchasing power grows dramatically. Quiznos have aiming to offer the best quality that will attract customers since their health has been taken into consideration. The Quiznos have sought to increase their profit margins by segmenting their menus by including products like breakfast and coffee. Quiznos Sandwich will strive to emulate the sub companies such as McDonalds and Starbucks that have become successful (Khan, 2014). They are expected to expand their menus by including low-cost items that are geared to making high profits. This will help the firm increase their revenue and boost their profits.

The Future of Quiznos Sandwich Company

Quiznos Sandwich is dependent on the performance of the economy. The company speculates to gain tremendously in the next five years. Notably, employment level will drastically increase as Quiznos will open new outlets. The company has established that there is a decline in wages in the food industry due to the mechanization of food preparation but the employment and wages are expected to increase since the economy is recovering from recess. Quiznos suffered a lot during the economic crisis of 2008/09 but the economy improved and thus, the company is expected to gain as the economy has witnessed increased wages. Indeed, Quiznos will advance their expansionist policy by increasing markets in new economies of the world. The food sector has increasingly become globalized, and the largest sandwich organizations are looking for markets overseas (Khan, 2014). This will greatly help Quiznos to increase their revenue and future profitability. Brand recognition has been key to Quiznos as this will assist the company advance beyond North America. They are expected to build a robust reputation domestically before taking it to the global market.

Quiznos Company and the University are geared towards delivering the most comprehensive programs that can be used in the corporate world by franchise or small businesses. They have developed a blended curriculum that is geared to train franchise owners and store owners to make the best sandwiches and at the same time offering valuable lessons that can be used to manage businesses. Indeed, Quiznos has done much to provide clients with the best products that also focus on their health. Quiznos has advanced programs that are critical to the management of businesses.


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