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Subject: Business

Task: Assignment

• Briefly make a list of all the equipment, furniture, fixtures and vehicles you will need to run your business, and associated
costs. (Include the items you already own and those you need to acquire.) Justify your needs. (by the way these are CAPITAL
• If yours is a retail or consumer service business, draw a layout of the store/office (draw it in word using insert shapes, or use
one of the listed floorplan apps !!!). Identify entrances, windows, displays, cash, and so on. If there is a wholesale or
manufacturing component to the business, provide a layout of the work and storage areas, identifying all equipment and
explaining the use of each area. This can go in the body of your work or as an appendix.
• What communications systems and POS will you be using, how much do they cost?
• How much will you have to spend on renovations/leasehold improvements ?
1-2 Pages
• Briefly explain and/or chart the process that you will use to complete a typical client or customer transaction.
• Explain any methods or systems you will have for ensuring quality of your product or service. How will you handle customer
• Explain the paperwork and/or software systems that you will use to control your business in terms of scheduling, inventory,
billing, work progress, client records, and accounting. Also provide any Gantt Charts or flow charts that would help your
• Are you using shopify or some other service to sell your goods/services? How much does it cost?

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