Answer these questions after completing the films and reading selections. (Watch The Wild Bunch & Assassination) of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford; Read the first four removes from Narrative of the Captivity of Mary. Rowlandson and the selection from Blood Meridian)

2) In The Assassination… Bob and Jesse are doubles. Among many things. it is a meditation on desire, fame and the
genre itself. How are Bob and Jesse doubled? Think about the cinematography, the psychological needs of Bob, and
individual scenes. Does Bob desire Jesse himself or does he crave the narrative of Jesse?
3) The Wild Bunch is often classified as a film that revels in grotesque amoral nihilistic violence. Perhaps this is right.
After all, Pike’s gang and General Mapache alike commit wanton acts of violence without any regret and Peckinpah’s
poetic editing does not allow the viewer to shrink. However, it can be argued that there is an underlying indignation
beneath all of the blood. It is the machinations of the capitalist rail road industry which drives apart Pike’s crew and
Pekinpah shows a higher level of contempt for the imperialism of the US and German governments. The only group
of people who are shown in a neutral or slightly positive light are the indigenous guerillas. How do you reconcile
these two readings? How do you view the morality of the film? Is Peckinpah reveling in violence or is there a cultural
4) Finally, in Blood Meridian there are two things that I would like for you to focus on.
A) The Glanton Gang roams the deserts bordering Mexico and the United States, hunting for Apache scalps. The
land itself becomes a central character to the novel, even moreso than the humans. How would you characterize the
land? What language is used? (Personally, I think it is just gorgeous language).
B) How is time utilized in the book? What events are compressed? What events are elongated? What effects does
this create?

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