Analysis and Comparison of Presidents’ Speeches

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Topic: Analysis and Comparison of Presidents’ Speeches

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The first inauguration speech of President Ronald Reagan and the malaise speech of the President Jimmy Carter have most things in common. In actual sense, someone may see as if they are addressing the same issues. For example, both the speeches view the old America as more united and confident of the future than at the moment of the address, hence, both the presidents are concerned with bringing the change to boost the confidence of the future. The two leaders are concerned with the equality; they want the poor to be treated fairly. One different thing which can be noted in the two speeches is that President Reagan has a plan of reducing tax to deal with the economy recession (Reagan, 1981) while President Carter had a plan of increasing the taxes to ensure that the problems of oil crises are addressed properly (Carter, 1979). Despite the similarities Americans response to the two speeches may differ. The discussion below gives some of the reasons why the differences in response could have occurred.

The first reason why people could have responded negatively to President Carter’s malaise speech was the oil crisis which existed at that time. A lot of things were in control such as the amount of gasoline to fuel in your car and the speed limit. Truly, America was nearly going on her knees in their economic values. President Carter introduced quotas as a policy in saving the country future problems (Carter, 1979). Such immediate action could help solve the problem but it was immediate, and the nation was still under the crisis of energy. The speech was fairly good entailing the truth and even providing the ways forward. The only prove that the people could have taken the speech negatively even if it was not for the immediate effect was his defeat in the next election. Ronald Reagan won and became the 40th president. The election was a clear demonstration that people needed a different person to steer the nation forward. In the inauguration speech of President Reagan, there was no such harsh decision like embargo or quotas, but there was good news received by the citizens such as reduction of tax in an attempt to improve the economy (Reagan, 1991).

Another reason why the American people treated the speeches differently could have been brought about by the time factor. President Carter made an excellent speech after serving in the office for three years as he said in his speech it now exactly three years since he was elected into the office (Carter, 1979) while President Reagan made an incredible speech at the date of the inauguration. People could have viewed the act of President Carter as purely politicizing so that he could hold back to the office for the second term. For the past three years of Carter being in the office, the United States as a nation was facing inflation and unemployment rates were increasing. The energy was an issue due to the Iranian revolution. He, therefore, saw it necessary to collect the views of the citizen to get their opinions.

In conclusion, the speeches look nearly the same, but the responses took different directions due to the situations presents and the personalities of the persons giving the speech. And from the opinions he found out the American problem to be having a big problem which to some people could invisible. People lacked confidence in the future life, and some individuals could see that the past life was much better than what awaits in the time to come. He was right, but he was time barred hence the cost of his second election which he lost. No opinion was sought by President Reagan, but people still loved and embraced his speech. They even voted him for a second term a sign of the probable of his good work in the office.


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